I am continuously astounded for the German appetite for sweets. Say what you want about obese Americans, but we don’t have a devoted time of day to consuming sugary carbs (we just do it all the time.) I have also never seen so many people eating ice cream at all hours of the day. As someone who doesn’t care about food beyond its ability to fuel my body, in part from contracting an autoimmune disease which is triggered by the consumption of unhealthy food and especially animal products (I know what you’re thinking, and YES I do have a miserable time finding suitable food here in Germany), I just don’t see the point of it. I have, however, in the midst of my convalescence from spinal fusion surgery, discovered I get immense pleasure from being the provider of said sweet treats. And I have to make it vegan of course, because what kind of respectable baker would serve something without first taste testing?

L-R, top to bottom: Hessischer Apfel-haselnusskuchen, sanftiger Schokokuchen, Zwetschgenknödel, amerikaner apple pie. All vegan, all delicious, all Zuckerkoma-inducing.

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